• With the introduction of more environmental protection policies, many downstream industries including consumer goods, food & beverage, medicine, and electronic information, have raised higher requirements for the environmental friendliness of printing and packaging, creating a broader space for the development of the green printing and packaging industry. As a global leader in laminating film, KDX offers a set of green laminating, printing and packaging solutions to meet customers’ growing demands for upgrading existing product packaging while introducing new packaging.

    Laminating Film

    KDX has introduced more than 60 types including BOPP glossy/matte film, color laminating film and PET glossy/matte film, which are widely used in the printing and packaging lamination of books, periodicals and magazines.

    KDX provides a variety of functional films featuring soft surface, scratch resistance, adhesion promotion, brushed metal, metallic flashing, frosted screen and colorful clouds, and those designed for cards and digital printing products to meet special laminating requirements. They are used for high-grade products requiring special packaging, digital printing products, high-end gift boxes, etc.

    3D Image

    KDX has built a comprehensive system integrating the research, design, making, marketing and service of 3D images, and set up experience centers in major cities across China.