Vehicle lightweight solution

KDX has joined hands with Kangde Group, its controlling shareholder, to build a lightweight carbon fiber platform, which provides systematic lightweight automobile solutions that cover the design, R&D, manufacturing and production of carbon fiber cars to effectively reduce the body weight while improving the stability, handling, performance and safety of cars.

KDX provides products such as interior adhesive tapes, wiring harness adhesive tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes to fix the exterior, mirror binding adhesive tapes, electronic adhesive tapes, and hole covering adhesive. It also offers auto parts bonding and interior material solutions for auto manufacturing.

Solution of automobile intelligent


Based on its global advantage in 3D display, KDX has introduced the AR HUD system as a solution to safe driving to boost the development of unmanned driving technology.

● OA/entertainment system

In addition to its world-class 3D display and large screen technologies, KDX has also built a leading 3D content platform, providing all-round hardware and content services such as OA and entertainment to create business and entertainment scenarios in the cabin.

Solution of automobile low carbonation

KDX provides car owners with top safety film, classic insulation film, skin beauty window film and transparent paint protection film to meet customers’ traditional demands for safety, anti-explosion, thermal insulation and UV protection.

● Safety film

It features good product uniformity and clear views. High-toughness polyester films are used to improve the curing speed and effectively prevent splash of broken glasses and resist greater impacts.

● Classic thermal insulation film

It has good thermal insulation effects since it can block 69% of the total solar energy, with the temperature difference inside and outside the vehicle reaching 13℃.

● Skin beauty window film

Dedicated to female drivers, it can block all bands of UV light from the sun and was recommended by The Skin Care Foundation.

● Transparent paint protection film

With the self-repair function, it can cover existing minor scratches, make the surface brighter, effectively prevent scratch and wear of car paint and isolate acid rain, asphalt, bird droppings and other paint corrosion materials. 

Specific case

BAIC BJ80 appeared during the military parade at the Zhurihe training base in 2017. Its front cover applied the carbon fiber materials of Kangde and KDX, while ARCFOX-1, a BEV whose upper body is made of integral carbon fiber composites developed by Kangde and KDX for BIAC, will be launched soon.


KDX’s Thermal Insulation and Safety Protection Division produces globally competitive window film products with high transmittance and excellent thermal insulation and explosion-proof performances. It has concluded cooperation agreements with BMW, China Grand Auto, Zhongsheng Group and Great Wall Motor and covered most regions in China.

The original BMW films produced by KDX have been sold to Yonda, Baosight, Golden Shinning, China Harmony Auto, Sime Darby Berhad and Zhongsheng.

KDX has forged a strategic partnership with China Grand Auto, the largest auto dealer in China, with products covering most of its 4S stores across the country.

KDX has maintained close cooperation with Zhongsheng Group, with products covering most of its stores in China.