With a strong push from the information revolution, emerging industries from hardware, software to all forms of e-commerce and entertainment, especially frontier technologies represented by VR, AR and MR, have been growing rapidly. As estimated by SuperData, the overall revenue of VR, AR and MR will hit $61.3 billion by 2020. The output of AR and MR, among others, will amount to $13.2 billion and $19.9 billion, respectively, with MR’s output exceeding AR’s for the first time.

Glasses-free 3D

KDX has established  2D/3D switchable K3 production line, and developed 3D display solutions to all K2/K3 series, which are widely applied to healthcare, entertainment, educational and media industries.

● 32-inch glasses-free 3D display

The 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) display board, coupled with high-transparency lenticular grating, can achieve free 2D/3D switch. It adopts the XYZ weaving technology independently developed by KDX to prevent dizziness in case of short-distance viewing for a long time. The built-in 3D conversion ship supports all 3D formats. Multiple views and continuous visual areas will create a new highly immersive visual experience with realistic effects.

● 85-inch glasses-free 3D display

The 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) display board is coupled with high-transparency lenticular grating. The built-in 3D conversion ship supports all 3D formats and achieves free 2D/3D switch. Multiple views and continuous visual areas will create a new visual experience.


As a global leader of 3D display and SR 3D mixed reality technology, KDX breaks the barrier between virtuality and reality and achieves integration between the virtual digital world and the real physical world by creating a “materialized” experience featuring integration and interaction between virtuality and reality. In doing so, people can exchange and interact with virtual objects in the most natural ways (eyes, gestures, voice, sense, touch, etc.)

● SR technology solution

It provides a highly immersive experience free from the constraints of hamlets and other media. With the adoption of glasses-free 3D technology, it is applied to all terminals and scenarios in a more open and inclusive way. Its applications include games, education, scientific research, the military, healthcare, unmanned driving, navigation, safety, outdoor advertising and commercial performances.

Large Touch Screen

Making use of its unique ITO conductive film materials with ultra-low resistance, KDX has innovated the ITO conductive film technology with resistance of less than 10 Ω. Featuring multi-point touch, high sensitivity, high transmittance, short response time and flexibility, it is widely applied to emerging markets.

● Touch control whiteboard

With multi-point touch (60 points at maximum) and low latency, it creates a perfect interactive experience. Taking advantage of the GFF laminating structure, coupled with high-precision laser lithography, the aligned laminating technology and the original imported HD panel, it can produce HD pictures that are gorgeous and vivid.

● All-in-one touch machine

High precision, highly sensitive touch display, easy interaction, fast control, rapid positioning, smooth writing, anti-reflective, fingerprint-proof, water and fog resistant, original imported HD panel with function of wireless screen transmission.


On September 25, 2017, at the “Five Years of Sheer Endeavor” exhibition, six 98-inch capacitive touch screens provided by KDX formed a 7-meter-long, 4-meter-high treasure pavilion with interactive touch, and built a digital Palace Museum for interaction with cultural relics.

Shan Qixiang, director of the Palace Museum, shows the digital Place Museum→